A, resume the redundant information

The length of the resume no special characters requirements, but the HR don't want to see their resume is primary and secondary is not divided, the redundant information too much. Primary and secondary is not divided mainly displays in your resume on that need of the detailed in enough detail, do not need to detailed information, some can in the interview questions of the information space bigger description. This caused the resume space is big, huge waste of HR time.

Second, resume incomplete information

Resume not complete the HR has been unwilling to see, HR screening through understanding the job seekers need to resume a general: education, location, experience, and so on, a good resume should be complete information facilitate HR make a choice, as HR JingYiXuan said: find a a suitable, make a phone call past but found too far away. This is HR do not wish to contact.

Three, resume too narcissism

Confident job seekers no problem, but too confident it narcissism. And HR is reluctant to that kind of narcissistic and feel good "resume, a few years work experience of HR, after his hand resume also thousands of, too narcissistic resume give a person blundering and over the top feeling, no substance, no outstanding individual character, HR is not willing to see this kind of" narcissistic mentality "resume.

Four, resume subjectivity is too strong

Subjectivity too strong resume is HR is not willing to see, many job seekers in your resume, showed in the team stand out, but well this is a more empty content. HR more want to see is an objective fact, specific data description, let HR more intuitive understanding of job seekers.

Five, resume copied don't go out of form

The Internet is open, it is a good thing, but in some ways to the applicant's inert, now a lot of web site are providing some job template, self evaluation, etc. And some job seekers copy of the above content directly, many job seekers, collided resume is HR resent things, lazy, not serious job seekers HR won't be acceptable.

Six, past work is not stable

From the point of view of the enterprise, it is hope that job seekers are faithful, and not the son of regimes have spent, that work experience a lot, but in every company won't stay long job seekers is not willing to meet HR, put away the individual ability not to talk, first is not enough with single mind, especially work experience or interdisciplinary, done a lot, but not long.

Seven, resume not enough of euphemism

Resume is simple CV, resume and can not see how much personal ability, applying for a job as a negotiation, mutual in selected. Many job seekers not the mentality of the talks resume, limit dead negotiable, such as "not less than a month, or how many don't bother". Maybe the ability of job seekers really more than the price, but it's too tough description, and HR and may not know you too much, can only regret of give up.

Eight, resume have obvious mistakes

HR don't want to see your resume have obvious mistakes, such as a wrong character too much, feedback to HR information is job seekers not seriously enough, if applying for the position of secretary, etc, it is not willing to keep looking HR. Logic mistakes, HR is not willing to see, and if your resume, appear false information, it is extremely loathe HR.

Nine, colloquial description language

There are some job seekers in the process too colloquial fill in your resume, peremptory a oral English edition autobiography, such as I had just entered the company how how, then how how, described as too oral English, HR after looking may laugh, but the chances of, and shouted slogans resume also not be able to bear or endure look.

Ten, the nets "cross-server larger

Online resume, many job seekers is aimless delivery, expect a lot of work, mass delivery, what is more in the same company delivered in several position, obviously haven't positioning yourself career planning, not settled down to focus on a career, quit possibility is very large, HR is not willing to see such a resume.

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