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姓名 性别 女 年龄 43

Name: Sex: Female Age: 43


Address: Suite , No. , Lane , East Hanyang Road, Shanghai

电话: 手机 E-mail

Phone: Mobile: E-mail:


Educational Background:

1994 - 1996年 日本神户学院大学药学研究科 获硕士学位

1994 - 1996 Had studied at Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Kobe Gakuin University, Japan. Had obtained a master’s degree.

1992 - 1993年 ○○○○○○○○日本语学校日语进修

1992 - 1993 Had studied Japanese language at Japanese Language School.

1979 - 1983年 中国华东理科大学生物化学专业 获学士学位

1979 - 1983 Had studied Specialty of Bio-Chemistry at East China Science University. Had obtained a bachelor’s degree.


Career Experience:

2002年6月 - 至现在 中央直属大型集团企业(中国○○集团)制药事业部 高级经理


June 2002 - Now Has acted as a senior manager of Medicine Manufacturing Division of a big-sized group    enterprise the “China XX Group Corp.” - a subsidiary company directly owned by the Chinese central government. Had mainly handled the following related jobs of project investment in establishing a big-sized liquid medicament manufacture base owned by the group company

输液产品选择、市场调研、项目策划 (市场部)

l Selection of transfusion product, conduct of marketing research and handling project scheming etc. (the Marketing Division)

项目立项、设备招标、技术引进等国内外的合作事务(对外事务部)l Co-operation matters with partners at home and abroad such as project initialization, equipment bidding invitation and technology importation; (the Outsourcing Affairs Division)

从新产品研发到上市的推进协调 (新事业发展(NBD)部)

l Promotion and co-ordination of new product in the stages from their research and development to launching them onto the market; (the New Business Development Division)

2000 - 2002年 上海○○○○科技有限公司 总经理 (个人公司)

2000 - 2002 Had acted as the general manager of Shanghai Technology Co. Ltd. (an individual-owned company)

进口药品添加剂的国内销售 技术支持 财会等全面管理

l In charge of overall management affairs of selling the imported medicinal additives on the home market, handle the technical support jobs and those in the finance division.

1996 - 1999年 日本著名大公司 药品及食品添加剂部 中国市场经理

1996 - 1999 Had been a Chinese Marketing Manager of Medicine and Food Additives Division of a famous big-sized Japanese company.

药品相关法规及市场调研 市场策略 工作目标及计划

l Research of medicine-related regulation and study of marketing affairs, as well as responsible for marketing strategy and scheming of work objectives and plans.


l Conduct registry work for company’s major product being exported into Chinese market.

策划 实施大型产品发布会 行业展览 产品演示等市场拓展活动

l Scheme and conduct market development activities of big-sized product release show, exhibition within the trade, and product roadshows etc.

构筑全国范围内同大学院校 科研机构的技术合作交流网络

l Had Built a technical cooperation network with some colleges and universities all over the nation and with a few technical research institutions.


l Had coordinated in various stages of product circulation from their importation to the distribution dealers, and finally to the customers.

产品销售 技术支持(如速崩、控释制剂等药品固体制剂新技术)

l In charge of product sale and technical support (for new technology on solid medicines such as those for curing frusemide, dediabetes insipidus and for controlling urine release.

1993 - 1994年 日本神户学院大学药剂研究室 访问交流学者

1993 - 1994 Had been a visiting scholar at Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Kobe Gakuin University, Japan


l Had Engaged in the dynamic appraisals of drug metabolism of the new anti-allergic drugs.

研究成果分别于95 96年日本药学会上发表

l The results of the research were published on magazine of Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, in 1995 and 1996.

1983 - 1992年 上海○○○○制药厂 基因工程研究所 课题研究项目负责人

1983 - 1992 Had been the Person-in-Charge of a subject research project of Gene Engineering Institute, Shanghai XXX Pharmaceutical Factory.




l Had independently finished a reformation process on the traditional purification technique of bio-chemical medicines with a hi-tech technology of the affinity chromatography to provide technical quality feasibility in increasing purity of the new release pharmacopeia by more than two times. This project had obtained the Shanghai 3rd grade prize of technological achievements.


l Had assisted in finishing a series of tackling key technical problems of the export medical materials to meet the contract quality requirements.


Language and computer abilities

日语流利 英语良好 普通话 上海话

l Fluent in Japanese, speak quite good English and being a native speaker of Mandarin and Shanghai dialects.

熟练操作各办公软件 自如运用互联网信息资源

l Skillfully use various office-running software and can use Internet information resource at ease.


Professional Overview


l Eight years experience of engaging natural medicine projects from the stages of research and development to putting them into production in state-owned research institutions.


l Three years experience in foreign university research institution of appraising and studying new medicines.

三年外企市场策划 业务开拓 技术支持经验

l Three years expe

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