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????I have a small rabbit in my house. It is my 10 birthday present from my father. Its hair is soft, like a fluffy little white ball. It looks like a small white cloud floating on the ground in the distance.

????It is the day most of the time in the rest, rest it, before the two feet forward, like lying like, very quiet, sometimes turning mouth from time to time like eaten one of a, it is sleeping, like a dream. Another time, it should eat in asleep, I guess it must be in the.

????Although this rabbit is very cute, but it also has naughty time.

????Once I came to my house with my neighbors rabbit and played with my rabbit. At noon, I feed the rabbits eat vegetables, they are like the marathon ran like fall over each other to eat, my rabbit took the neighbor rabbit aside like swagger before others. And the neighbors poor little rabbit looking at his food was snatched. I cant help it, so I have to feed them separately.

????One night, it was so cold that I put a cloth on the rabbits nest and went to bed. The second day, I found a table tennis and almost white ball bed, I started to really think that this is the white ball, and then suddenly came to my home without white ball, immediately get a look, turned out to be my beloved little rabbit. It turned out that it was so cold at night that the rabbit felt cold when it was sleeping, and it was three times. Five, two went to my bed and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and found the rabbit in my bed. It made me laugh and cry.

????Little rabbit, I marvel at your skill and spirit, but I still love you -- lovely little rabbit.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a2

????My favorite animal is the little white rabbit. Under my repeated requests, on this day, my mother finally promised to buy me a small white rabbit home, I put it in their heart, dont think its very small, like just a full moon. The small white rabbit ears long, sharp, his eyes were red, like two rubies. Mouth is like a little flower blooming, is three disc. Mouth beard with the mouth move their hands up, so funny!

????Is the small white rabbit likes to eat carrots and green vegetables. I and my brother every day go to the supermarket to buy fresh vegetables the little white rabbit. After go home, we wash vegetables washed, dried, then cut into section by section, the small white rabbit feed.

????One day, my brother and I decided to give the small white rabbit take a bath, I pick up a basin of warm water first, then put the small white rabbit in the inside, it may be a little nervous at first, always want to jump out, but we still give it a bath finished quickly. I found that, after washing, the small white rabbit had changed, especially thin, the hair is to stick a piece, and kept shaking. I quickly took a towel around it, stop for a while look back the little white rabbit.

????The small white rabbit bring us infinite happiness, every day we continue playing with it, watch it bounce, happily eating grass, we are very happy. Now, its like a member of our family, and we are happy every day!

????í?×óμ?`ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a3

????In my home, with a cute little rabbit.

????My little rabbit is a black and white panda, rabbit feels fluffy, a pair of shiny black pearl eye always shining in, long ears, thin and big, occasionally can see bloodshot, above three petal mouths on a piece of a set with us always, like always in the eating.

????Its legs are short before long, to run, but it scared me at first, so, it is not often run. Wait for small rabbits and I acquainted, also show it that naughty character.

????On one occasion, it could run to the sofa say what also dont come out of the hall. In order to catch it, Im too tired to full head big sweat, finally with "food bait" seize it. I was furious, but a small rabbit saw the lovely appearance, gas will disappear in time.

????Another time, how little rabbit dont eat, I picked up it, angrily threw the carrot into its mouth, but when I saw the little rabbit that sharp teeth, put the rabbit in the ground, in horror at the in the mind still kept on muttering, how so like the teeth of rats?

????Listened to my story, do you also like I this small rabbit?

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a4

????I keep a cute little rabbit, because it is near the mouth of a small black spots, so I give it a nice name: dots.

????Little was wearing a white coat, and a small tail, with a short and fat small but jiongjiongweishen eyes, every now and then look in all directions, it is interested in anything in my house, b, as soon as I put it out of the east, west channeling channeling, like looking for something. Its ears are long and sensitive, with a little pricked up his ears to hear the noise, and then like to hear what, running away. It also has a pair of flexible feet, particularly fast, and often to a sharp turn, a fall, make us laugh, very cute.

????I go to school every day, it had to be in a cage to eat green vegetables, turnip, very boring. Only wait for me after school, can go out to play with it, this is the most happy moment, it is always a moment jumped on, for a while, dont feel a bit tired. Caves are the sites of its game, it in there playing "hide and seek" with me, playing joyfully. On one occasion, a small dog came running, frighten it quickly jumped into my arms, also are playing the shaking body, seems to frighten not light, then I want to protect it.

????In my home, it is the most like to trash cans to look for something to eat, make feet are black, Ill give it a bath, go to blow dry again into the cage, each time it is very reluctant, still want to go out to play! Little thing is really naughty and naughty, I like it.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a5

????Neighbors have a lovely little white rabbit. I often go to the neighborhood to tease it to play. It is snow and white, when it rolled into a group, like a furry snowball. Red eyes like two sparkling rubies, cleverly turn around. Long and big ears of a movement on the "brush" about the vertical up. The short and small tail is like a small pile of balls attached to the buttocks behind. Rabbit front legs short, hind legs long, powerful hind legs as long as the back of a pedal, it pops out very far.

????Little white rabbit favorite fresh leaves. It is funny three petals to eat things to always "tut, tut, tut" to ring, and eat quickly, as if afraid of being robbed like. I often hold the leaves in front of it dangling, the white rabbit to see the leaves on the eyes like light, forelegs lifted, neck stretched long, kept chasing leaves turn. When it was about to eat the leaves, I moved the leaves again, and it was anxious to go and drill in the cage. A chance to snatched leaves to hide in the side with relish to eat up.

????Ah! Neighbors small rabbit really cute.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a6

????When my birthday last year, my father bought me a lovely little rabbit, little rabbit leap to jump very lively. Because it was white, so I give it was named for nothing.

????Little rabbit white white with a white hairs, far look like a regiment Bai Rongrong snowballs. Its ears are long, always straight stand up, eyes like red diamond on the white hairs, a red and white, very beautiful. Small nose both sides has a few empress beard, a gust of wind blowing, beard also slight swing. Its mouth is three petal mouths, like petals, eat, three petal mouths a together, cooperate with the tacit understanding, is very interesting.

????On one occasion, I wronged, the in the mind very afflictive, locked himself with nothing in his or her home. All be gently touch me, seems to be and I say: "small master, dont injustice, dont injustice, I also very upset." It jumped to the front of the mirror, in front of the mirror in the small rabbit bow, seems to be making friends with a rabbit in the mirror. It is very funny, I laugh out loud.

????I like the little rabbit in our house, in vain.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a7

????In my home, is holding a lovely little rabbit.

????My little rabbit is a black and white panda rabbit, feels fluffy, a pair of shiny black pearl-like eyes always flashing light, long ears thin and large, the above accidentally can see the bloodshot, Three petals are always in a one to move together, as if always eat.

????Its legs are long before and after the long, is conducive to running, but at first it was very afraid of me, so it does not often run. Wait until the little rabbit and I am familiar with, it also shows that its naughty character.

????Once again, it went to the lobby of the sofa and said nothing at all. In order to catch it, I was very sweating, and finally with the "food to lure" to seize it. I was so angry that I could see the little rabbit that lovely look, the gas was eliminated.

????And once again, how the little rabbit does not eat, I picked it up angrily, just put the carrot into its mouth, but when I see the little rabbit that sharp teeth, immediately scared to put a small rabbit The ground, the heart is still kept talking about: how so like the mouse teeth?

????Listen to my story, you are not like me on this little rabbit it?

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a8

????I like rabbits, I like their long ears, red mouth, and furry fur.

????My family has a little white rabbit. That was the birthday gift my mother gave me last year. It is small, it seems like a stranger. It has long ears, ruby eyes, its whole body is a white color, from a distance to see, like a group of white clouds. Very lovable. Bunny likes to eat carrots and cabbage. Whenever I bring something to eat it, he is very happy. Sometimes even jump up. Mother said it was a very human rabbit.

????Bunny likes to turn around in the cage, and sometimes when we open the cage, the little rabbit will cheerfully jump out from the cage, and then in my home for a travel trip. We occasionally take the little bunny to breathe fresh air outside. In the trees under the cool air, there will be many children ran to see this little rabbit, but also give it food, see that everyone is particularly like him.

????This rabbit is very cute. In winter it will bounce, to rest near the stove. Put your hands on its fur, both warm and comfortable. We travel will not forget to bring it, and sometimes we will give it to the next door aunt, to help us under the care. Now this rabbit and we have become very good friends. We will certainly protect it. I hope it will give birth to a bunch of more lovely rabbits, so it will not be alone.

????Small animals are human friends, we should protect them.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a9

????There are three small white rabbits in my house.

????For a national holiday, our family went on a picnic. We came to a densely wooded place, very much like a primitive forest. At this time, I found that there were three rabbits under a big tree, so I brought it home.

????I scrutinize the three rabbits, one of which is larger, and should be their mother. The mother of the rabbit was white, with long ears on his head. The big red eyes are like two Ruby. At this time, I think the rabbit might be hungry, I took out two carrots from home. The mother of the rabbit looked at the children and took a step back, as if saying, "children, you eat, mom is not hungry." The children understood what mother meant, and immediately ran over to eat. When the rabbit was finished, I looked at it and the rest was a little bit.

????At this time, I also thought of a question, why the white rabbits eyes are red? I went to ask my father, dad told me that the color of rabbit eyes is the same as the color of fur, so the rabbits eyes are white. What we see is rabbit blood.

????The rabbit in my house is really lovely.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a10

????My rabbit is really cute, it wears a white coat, two long ears eye-catching, round body. I name it jump.

????During the summer vacation, I took the jump to my hometown paint factory. Just put it out, its getting under the car, and my sister and I spent a tremendous effort to get it out! The little rabbit is really naughty!

????After my summer vacation, my mother and I took a shower together. After the bath, it shivered with cold. Later, I checked online to know: rabbits can not take a bath, cold and die after bathing. I was scared to cry, or my dad is clever, put it in the bathroom immediately opened a warm light, blowing hot air But the little rabbit was so afraid of the hair dryer that he wanted to run away. It took us 30 minutes to blow it dry with a hair dryer. Fortunately, jumping lucky, together with our efforts to "rescue", it is not.

????I wont bathe the rabbit again.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a11

????My family has a lovely little white rabbit. It has a white feather like snow, two ears like antenna up, mouth into three disc, two "explosion teeth exposed, short legs, tail round like a little ball.

????Its smart, but its very obedient.

????"Ring......" The doorbell rang, "I came back", the white rabbit heard my voice, and quickly hopped came to the door close to my feet, I ignored it, went straight to the desk, began to write the homework. The little white rabbit jumped onto my lap. I shook my leg and it fell off my leg. He got up slowly, kicked me, shook his tail, and went out. After a while, it came to stand beside me, I hold it, it smiles and then drill into my arms to me, as if to say: "you just fell off the falls also value." I said to him: "little rabbit, I do my homework, and you can not play, I finished my homework again." He seemed to understand me, nodded and bounced off.

????This is my little white rabbit. Sometimes it makes me happy. Sometimes it makes me angry. Sometimes, when Im angry, it makes me laugh!

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a12

????My family has a rabbit, it is very cute.

????It is fat, full of ten pounds heavy. It is snow and white body, far from look, like a large group of cotton lost to the ground. Its ears are long, longer than I use the ruler. It is compared with other rabbits, the most special place is the eyes, the other rabbit eyes are red, and it is black. Its body feels soft and slippery. Its tail is short, small, plush, like sticking a small pomp in the buttocks.

????Put it in a cage, it sometimes dangling his sticks with a stick tossed, as if playing acrobatics; sometimes dangling sticks hit the cage, as if in a strange cage off it, to break the cage; Sometimes it will be lying motionless, as if to think about what mathematical problems like. Once it was released, the first thing it did was run around and then smell it here, as if it were looking for something delicious. If there is any sound, it will immediately erect ears, look around, as if to see if there is no danger.

????Once, I came home from school to see it lying in the yard, four feet overturned, motionless. How did the little bunny? I hurried to the past, press it by his belly, did not respond, touched its front legs, still motionless, I dialed its hind legs, or no response. Well, the rabbit is dead, just when I want to be sad, it suddenly touched the nose, haha, it is installed in the original die!

????You see, my familys little rabbit cute?

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a13

????I have a super cute little rabbit.

????Its body is chubby, like a pillow filled with cotton. That furry fur, feels like a handle into the twenty bed of duck down.

????It had a pair of long white ears on top of his head, like a pair of white hammers, standing straight on a head like a dumpling. Sometimes the ears are tightly attached together, drooping in the back of the head, as if by any wronged.

????Its eyes are round and round, like two crystal clear black gems. Its belly snow white, like wearing a white dumplings. Its tail like a small hair ball, tightly attached to its little ass, so walking to shake a very cute. Above the abdomen with four slender legs, running back and forth with the tacit understanding, back a pedal, front legs forward a flutter, jumping all of a sudden no shadow.

????It loves fresh vegetables and red carrots. But its food can not touch the water, once the water it will diarrhea, and pain and death. Bunny is a three-mouth, so it can not eat anything, can only chew slowly. I saw it the front claw holding its own beloved cabbage, with its eye-catching bunny constantly gnawing the leaves, issued a "rustling" sound, as if to say: "Well, go away, this is not your "Eat the leaves to the cage to drag the leaves.

????You see, how cute it! This is my favorite intimate friend - little rabbit.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a14

????Presumably we have seen a small rabbit! If you want to know how my familys rabbit is like, please be patient to listen to my introduction of my familys small rabbit!

????My little rabbit is very cute, his body with a long white hair, length of about twenty-six centimeters, about 12 cm high. Head with white long ears, about eighteen centimeters long. His face has a pair of red eyes, as if in the face with two beautiful ruby. His face has a small, light-colored nose, shallow is almost the same as the white. There is also a face like a "person" type of three mouth. Behind the body there is an oval tail of about eight centimeters long. How cute!

????The little rabbit is a little greedy cat. Once, the little rabbit hungry, just no vegetables and radishes at home, my mother let me take it to buy food. I hold it to the vegetable market to sell vegetables stalls, is ready to pick some vegetables to buy it to eat. Did not expect it to see the vegetables like hungry ghost possessed, immediately rushed up. With no more than ten minutes to eat all the vegetables before the food stalls. Hi! My purse big bleeding slightly!

????Bunny is not just a little greedy cat or a mischief! Once, I was doing work on the desk in the room, it was playing in bed, I do not know when the bed, suddenly gave me a "vacated jump", jumped on my desk, also made me a The work done at night was torn to pieces. Hey, it can not stand it!

????Although the little rabbit so greedy, so naughty, but I still like it!

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a15

????I have a cute little bunny. My little rabbit is very lovable. Round a small head on a pair of gray ears on the top, always listening to the surrounding movement. His face with two black gem-like eyes. There is a small mouth, mouth beard seven or eight centimeters long, small rabbit hair is gray, short tail, there are some white spots on the markings, I gave him a Western style called "Zhu "Zhu Di eat when the beard is always the first touch gently, and then a mouth, was swallowed his stomach.

????Judy often sleeps on the couch, sleep is not too honest, while in the side tummy for a while and went there tummy, while pedal pedal feet, while stretched out his hand, the children you did not say it is not very sleep honest.

????Zhu Di can be fun, and every time we come out we have to put it into the "little rabbit amusement park," it has been running inside ... ... run ... ... run endless After two or three hours, it was reluctant to go home. Come home it will continue to play until the sweet sleep. Its energy can be really strong ah!

????I love my little rabbit - Judy. Hope it can take care of my healthy growth.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a16

????Rabbit is a lovely little animal, well-behaved and tame, very pleasing. They are vegetarians who eat vegetables, radishes, and tender grasses. They are handsome, eyes flashing red, healthy, limb light, quick action. They are small on the body with a short tail, it is particularly clever and lovely.

????Rabbit dug in the higher mound, the hole is generally covered with grass, not easy to be found. The light in the cave is very dark, only to see the wall and their own family. If the rain outside the cave is also nothing, because they are digging in the door at the door specifically put the soil a little higher, the rain will not flow into the nest. These little guys are so smart!

????Rabbit ears Trane, even if it is a slight noise can feel. They are often lying there, four legs forward, body back, when the danger comes, the legs back a pedal, sprang out. If you want to close it, it is so hard.

????Rabbit grazing looks very cute, red little mouth up and down the creep, eat with relish, really enviable. Eat tired for a while, it is also from time to time with the front claws scratching, leisurely to sleep, do not mention more comfortable.

????Little rabbit is so cute!

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a17

????My family has a little rabbit, it is white, like a hair ball children. Her ears long, like two sharp leaves, there are thin bloodshot. Little white rabbit head with a pair of red eyes like two red gems. The most fun to the number of its three mouth, and a together. The tail of a small white rabbit is like a small group of cotton, fluffy. Its front legs are thin and short, hind legs developed well.

????When it sleeps, the eyes are tightly closed, and the body shrinks into a hair ball. But it sleeps like an action, like the way to run away.

????It will roll on the lawn, sometimes run around, jumping and jumping, and sometimes in the sun under the sleep.

????It is a time to eat a mouth together, mainly eat grass and cabbage, as well as leaves. Once I came home from school, inadvertently found a small free to eat leaves, it is so eat the leaves: it first look around, as if there is no observation, I was afraid of the little rabbit quickly hid it, it looked no one , And only relish to eat cabbage leaves. It first smelled the leaves with the nose, and then three bite mouth bitter half of the chewing in the mouth, I am very happy, because this is the first time I found the rabbit eating action.

????I like little bunny because it brings me happiness.

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a18

????I had a lovely little bunny, and it had a nice name called white, because it was covered with snow and white hair, so I gave it the name. It has two long ears of the big ears, a pair of red eyes, with a three mouth.

????Whenever I get out of school, the first thing is to feed the white. For fear that my mother forgot to feed the white. At this time the white can not wait to run in front of me, his neck stretched long, nose, mouth and beautiful beard kept twitching. See it cute look, I quickly put a bowl of vegetables in the hands of the past. It quickly bite the food, relish to eat up. Look at the way it is eating, I almost drooling. And soon it took the bowl of the leaves and finished, and then fell asleep in the cage. I also found a strange phenomenon, that is, when it was just when the ears are straight, overturned vertical, but then how the ears on the back of it? I kept a whine in my heart, and I went to write homework. Finished the work I called: "white" "white" it clearly erected ears to sleep, heard me call it, ears immediately erected and ran to me, that I have delicious Give it to it. I will tease it to play, white jump to jump, roll to roll, very cute. So I observed for several days, and finally came to a conclusion that is - it is when the ears to eat, eat, when playing happy when the ears are erected old and tall.

????What are the characteristics of white? Wait for me to observe and then tell you later!

????í?×óμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? ?a19

????I have a small white rabbit, this little white rabbit has a white snow hair, soft touch very comfortable, a pair of long ears are always tall high, two eyes red , Like two rubies, like a short tail, a pair of bunny teeth to eat something particularly cute. I also gave it a special suit for its name is snow.

????Little snow is very carnival, once I gave it a carrot, it picked up with relish eating up, but I found the snow waiting for me to go after it used it two sharp teeth, accelerated Eat, see this I remembered, I have not fed it all day, sorry, little snow, I was sad in the heart said.

????Little snow is still very timid, once I went to the opposite of a good friend to play, I also brought the snow, but she housed a little black dog, snow saw quietly hiding behind me, no matter how I called It does not come out of life and death, even if I use to eat it, it does not come out, it seems that it is really afraid of the puppy.

????This is my snow, do you like it?

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