英语倡议书的格式范文高中英语倡议书的格式范文高中 第1篇

Dear friends,

I am writing this letter to call on everyone to pay attention to the present disasters caused by human activities. As some of you may know, over the past years, floods, droughts, landslides, and dust storms have frequented our planet.

Not long ago, tsunami swept the Southeast Asia, which caused enormous damage. All these have sounded an alarm to human beings. So it is high time that we join efforts to save our planet.

Above all, a task of top priority for us is to plant trees as many as possible, especially in the arid areas. At the same time, we should stop deforesting in large amount. And we can save our planet through many other ways, such as saving water and using recycled paper.

So don’t hesitate to act out these measures. Even a small action is meaningful to our planet. Please join us in the action of protecting our planet. If you are willing to do something to save our planet, please start from the little thing right around you. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming

英语倡议书的格式范文高中 第2篇

An appeal letter, XX June, XX Dear friends, I am writing to call attention to the current disasters caused by human activities. As some of you know, in the past few years, floods, droughts, landslides and sandstorms have frequently appeared on our planet, and tsunamis have swept across Southeast Asia. All these have sounded the alarm bell for mankind and are our joint efforts to save the earth It's time for us to plant as many trees as possible, especially in arid areas.

At the same time, we should stop deforestation. We can save our planet in other ways, such as saving water and using recycled . So don't hesitate to implement these measures.

Even if it's a small action that is meaningful to our planet, please join us to protect it Protect our planet if you are willing to do anything to save our planet, please start from the small things around you. Thank you sincerely, yjbjs XXX.


一封呼吁信xx月XX日,XX xx6xx亲爱的朋友们,我写这封信是为了呼吁大家关注人类活动造成的当前灾难,正如你们中的一些人所知道的,在过去的几年里,洪水、干旱、山体滑坡和沙尘暴频繁出现在我们的星球上,海啸席卷了东南亚,这一切都给人类敲响了警钟,是我们共同努力拯救地球的时候了,我们的当务之急是尽可能多地植树,特别是在干旱地区,同时,我们应该停止大量的砍伐,我们可以通过其他方式拯救我们的星球例如节约用水和使用再生纸,所以不要犹豫去执行这些措施即使是一个对我们的星球有意义的小行动请加入我们的行动来保护我们的星球如果你愿意做些什么来拯救我们的星球,请从你身边的小事开始谢谢你真诚的,YJBJS XXX。

英语倡议书的格式范文高中 第3篇


I am Li Hua from Class Six, Grade Three. In order to make a good network environment. I hope everyone can use net civilize, to be a civilized hare some ideas:

Frist,please get the good imformation from the net and ignore the bad net , liease arange your time in a plan ,dont drop yourelf in to the net and can't out. Third ,please chent friendly ,and don't meet net friend in your , please look on everybody, don't want to konw which thing the other people don't want you konw.

Let's make met surives of our life and study better together. Let's make a good net work 's to be civilized Netizen

Li hua

英语倡议书的格式范文高中 第4篇

Don't use disposable chopsticks now, dear friends. Do you know why sandstorms and landslides are more frequent in recent years than ever before? According to the latest statistics, China produces 5 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks, so 25 million trees are cut down every year. Environmentalists warn that if we continue to make disposable chopsticks at the current rate, forests will be destroyed.

As we all know, only% of the land in our country is covered by forest. Every year, a lot of land is turned into sand because the trees are cut down. If we continue to do so, our environment will get worse.

It's time for you to turn down disposable chopsticks. My dear friends, from now on, from high school, we should take action.





英语倡议书的格式范文高中 第5篇

Dear friends, in order to make the environment more beautiful, we should thank you Wang Dong. In order to make the environment more beautiful, we should do our best to protect it. First of all, we should plant more trees and flowers to make our city more beautiful.

We all know that there is less and less water, so it is very necessary to save water. For example, turn off the tap after the last washing, but it's not the least. We'd better ride a bicycle or walk instead of driving when we go out, if everyone tries his best Protect the environment, our city will become better and cleaner.

Thank you, Wang Dong.



英语倡议书的格式范文高中 第6篇

Small citizens of the earth village:

The earth that we live on is only one, and how much it needs our protection. However, some of the small citizens do not listen to you. You see, the discarded food on the table, the mountain of disposable chopsticks, the running water. Such a picture is really shocking.

The earth, the human mother, the cradle of life. It was so beautiful and so spectacular. But now, human beings for their own interests, at the expense of luancailuanwa, pollutant emissions... So... A tall bald mountain, a clear river black... Mother earth is a moan of pain... If the earth is polluted, our lives will be destroyed in our hands. As a member of the earth, we have the responsibility and obligation to protect the earth. Start from small things and start from your side. Protect our home, let our earth restore the original face. Therefore, I suggest:

1. minimize the use of disposable items, reduce white pollution, self-made shopping bags and baskets.

2. in life, in the study, or in the work, we must save resources. Water, electricity, control. To put an end to all kinds of waste, consumption also needs to be frugal.

3. all recycled articles, such as waste paper, waste plastic, waste metal and so on, should be classified and recycled. It is the resources that can be regenerated continuously, thus reducing the pollution of waste.

4. trees afforestation, love the side of the ground, a plant, a tree. A variety of flowers and trees, to greening the environment, to prevent the pollution of the environment.

5. pay attention to personal hygiene, do not spit anywhere, do not mess with people, do not smoke in many places, and do not make noise.

Citizens, protect the environment. Remember: we have only one earth. We have to work together to protect our homes. That way, we can live in the cradle of fresh air, grow up under a smiling face and bathe in the clear spring. Citizens, remember, we have only one earth.

A student in a primary school

October 25th

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