just的句子 关于just的短语

just的句子 关于just的短语

1. Well, it's just Muff Potter, Muff Potter, Muff Potter all the time.嗐,就只是莫夫·波特,莫夫·波特,莫夫·波特,没完没了。

2. Just like castles in the air, this idea is totally impractical.想法简直就是空中楼阁,不可能实现的!

3. This just arrived, we just brought this up just now.

4. Maybe they've just gone shopping.(或许他们刚刚去买东西了。)

5. We've only just arrived.(我们刚到。)

6. We just parabola, you is the focal point and I am alignment.我们就是抛物线,你是焦点,我是准线。

7. Just 40 years old, just like an old-fashioned look.

8. Lonely years, sad mood, just a goodbye, just a chance.

9. OK, just take the money. Just leave.

10. I'll just make the coffee.(我就来煮咖啡。)

11. Just if you're ever in trouble, don't be brave. You just run, OK? Just run away.

12. Business is good just now.(目前生意很红火。)

13. Not just the molecular one.

14. 谁也没有办法把过去发生的事情一笔勾销,要记住教训,勇敢的活下去。

15. She's just arrived—she's just e in the door.(她刚到—刚踏进门。)

16. Party. Until then he would just carry on with his customary work该政客决定在委员会正式请他领导该党之前暂不抛头露面。在得到邀请之前,他只是继续他一贯的工作。

17. I'm just concerned and pragmatic.

18. I'm just kidding.(我只是在开玩笑。)

19. Fiona just messaged me.(菲奥纳刚给我发来短信。)

20. I'm just calling to inquire the status of the personnel manager position.我打电话来是想问一下人事经理的招聘情况。

21. Just a lapse in vetting, said the White House.白宫说选择他只是筛选人员的时候一时疏忽而犯了错误。

22. Don't just strategize: execute!

23. This is just aesthetics.

24. I'm just making the sauce for the cauliflower.我正在给花椰菜做调味汁。

25. 如果没有开始的勇气,何来疯狂的过程,又怎知终点的模样?

26. Do they count on you for all the things they buy in this market, or just some?他们所有的采购物品都指望你,还是只有一部分?

27. Maybe you just flat-out know you need help.或许你觉得,我才是需要帮助的人。

28. Indifferent poverty, just can't express, helpless poverty, just can't do anything, lonely poverty, just can't pay.

29. I didn't have much to do in the play; I just walked on in the second act.我在剧中的戏不多, 仅仅是在第二幕中扮演一个小角色。

30. 先把要造句的词扩展成词组,然后再把句子补充完整。如用“增添”造句,可以先把“增添”组成“增添设备”、“增添信心”或“增添力量”,然后再造句就方便多了。

31. Her serve was just in.(她发的球刚好落在界内。)

32. Jean seems contented just to sit and drink been.琼只要坐着喝啤酒,似乎就心满意足了。

33. She's just arrived—she's just e in the door.

34. She just won't relax.(她就是不放松。)

35. 用关联词造句,必须注意词语的合理搭配。比如用“尽管……可是……”造句:“尽管今天天气很糟,但是大家都没有迟到。” 这就需要在平时学习中,把关联词的几种类型分清并记住。

36. You're just being paranoid.(你只是在疑神疑鬼。)

37. Will you kids just behave!(孩子们,规矩点!)

38. In fact, just as LANs use a diverse mix of technologies, so can SANs事实上,正像局域网采用多种技术的混合,SAN也是如此。

39. She's not really sick—she's just faking it.她并不是真的病了,不过是假装的。

40. She just kept yakking on.(她只是一个劲地东拉西扯。)

41. Dream, just a fate, heart, there is a bitter, tired, just for a while, people suffering, just for a while.

42. Smokers performed badly, remembering just 59 percent of tasks.吸烟者表现的很糟糕,只能回忆出59%的任务。

43. 尽避他们为贪婪所役使,但仍显示出惊人勇气机智和百折不挠的乐观。

44. Amoebae consist of just one more or less homogeneous cell.阿米巴只含有一种大体同质的细胞。

45. Just/I'm just ing!

46. It's just a suggestion.(这只是一个建议。)

47. We've just redecorated.(我们刚刚重新装修过。)

48. These days the police are just too soft on drug peddlers.现在,警察对于xxx过于手软。

49. All plaints, just for a drop, all anger, just for a refusal, all popularity, just for a smile.

50. And he said that is not just sweet talk; that is not just rhetoric, not just pillow-talk rhetoric.

51. Formalism, just see the form.

just的句子 精选47句

1. People here just really, just blow off steam and they just go crazy.

2. Why, just a why, look left, think right, just a care, just a vagrant memory.

3. He just hates being housebound.(他只是痛恨出不了门。)

4. To recollect the duration of the whole thing, just like happened yesterday.回忆起整个事情经过,就好像在昨天发生似的。

5. The child had just wakened.(这孩子刚醒。)

6. 用比拟词造句,可以借助联想、想象使句子生动。如用“仿佛”造句:“今天冷极了,风刮在脸上仿佛刀割一样。”

7. I've just discovered hang-gliding!(我刚知道有悬挂式滑翔运动!)

8. Essential points, fork in the road in life, just like in life only detours pany is plete.生活中分岔路口时必不可少的,就像人生中只有弯路作伴才是完整的一样。

9. 用形容词造句,可以对人物的动作、神态或事物的形状进行具体的描写。如用“鸦雀无声”造句:“教室里鸦雀无声,再也没有人说笑嬉闹,再也没有人随意走动,甚至连大气都不敢出了。”这就把“鸦雀无声”写具体了。

10. With Valentine's Day just passed, love is well and truly in the air.情人节刚刚过去,恋爱气氛正浓。

11. I'm just finishing my book.(眼下我正在完成我的一本书。)

12. I just joined a gym.(我刚加入了健身俱乐部。)

13. Which is xxxAh let's just do a standup and let's just do a retrospective, and let's just try this.xxx

14. It is just a fluke.

15. Nepal is just over the mountains and India is down south.尼泊尔就在山的上方,印度在南面的山脚下。

16. Accountancy just isn't sexy.(会计工作实在乏味。)

17. The food was just wonderful!(那吃的实在是好极了!)

18. Not just for babies!

19. The just budget judge justjustifies the adjustment of justice.

20. No karmic similarities of personality or anything, just starts over like a blank slate.没有人格上或者任何事物的因果相似,就像一块白板一样重新开始。

21. This time he has just finished in pen distance, micro plastic injection of double chin to removed.这次他有刚刚在鹏程做完了注射微整形,将自己的双下巴给去除了。

22. It's just sour grape.

23. He's just a business acquaintance.(他只是业务上认识的人。)

24. Just like here we only needed one, just xA.

25. I'd just as soon stay at home as go out tonight.今晚待在家里或出去我都乐意。

26. The sun was just setting.(太阳刚往下落。)

27. The curtain is just going up.幕布刚拉起来。

28. 在分析并理解词义的基础上加以说明。如用“瞻仰”造句,可以这样造:“我站在广场上瞻仰革命烈士纪念碑。”因为“瞻仰”是怀着敬意抬头向上看。

29. Well, I just feel that I would plunge into a pit if I had to secede, as you put it.照你说的,我觉得如果我不得不离开的话,我就跳进了一个陷阱。

30. I'm just about ready.(我就要准备好了。)

31. They just postpone them.

32. He's just showing off because that girl he likes is here.他不过是在表现自己,因为他喜欢的那个姑娘在场。

33. Can't you just stop?(你就不能停一停吗?)

34. The chemistry just wasn't right.(他俩就是擦不出火花。)

35. 勇敢和必胜的信念,常使战斗得以胜利结束。

36. 有的形容词造句可以用一对反义词或用褒义词贬义词的组合来进行,强烈的对比能起到较好的表达作用。如用“光荣”造句:“讲卫生是光荣的,不讲卫生是可耻的。”用“光荣”与“可耻”作对比,强调了讲卫生是一种美德。

37. You're just avoiding the issue.(你只不过是在回避问题。)

38. And just as we said just now.

39. Let's just do a stand-up and let's just do a retrospective, and let's just try this.

40. I've only just arrived.(我刚刚才到。)

41. I don't think you're going just to sell Pepsi-Cola.我不相信你回去只是卖百事可乐。

42. We just met just now!

43. Don't whine, just take action; don't wait for someone else to take care of it.不要抱怨,马上采取行动;不要等待别人的可怜。

44. You probably won't need to call—but take my number, just in case.你很可能无需打电话,不过还是记下我的电话号码吧,以防万一。

45. This is just JDO, right?

46. Everything is just peachy.(一切顺利。)

47. Mr Kaneda just made a joke about the condition of the factory金田先生对工厂情况开了一个玩笑。

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