高考英语句子翻译 翻译高考英语句子技巧和方法

高考英语句子翻译 翻译高考英语句子技巧和方法
1.First put forward by the French mathematician Pierrede Format in the seventeenth century, the theorem had baffled and beaten the finest mathematical minds, including a French woman scientist who made a major advance in working out the problem, and who had to dress like aman in order to be able to study at the Ecolab polytechnique.



2. It is difficult to measure the quantity of paper used as a result of use of Internet-connected puters, although just about anyone who works in an office can tell you that when e-mailis introduced, the printers start working overtime. That is, the growing demand for paper in recent years is largely due to the increased use of the Internet.


简析:夹杂较复杂的句型结构,关键词just about几乎; overtime超时地。

3. Perhaps the best sign of how puter and internet use pushes up demand for paper es from the high-tech industry itself, which seesprinting as one of its most promising new market.



4. The action group has also found accept ablepaper made from materials other than wood,such as agricultural waste.

这个行动组也发现一种人们可接受的纸,制成这种纸的原料不是木料,而是农业废料。简析:关键词other than而不是。

5. Mostly borrowed from English and Chinese,these terms are often changed into forms no longer understood by native speakers.


6. It is one of many language books that are now flying off booksellers' shelves.


7. The mass media and government white papers play an important part in the spread of foreign words.


简析:关键词the mass media and government white papers大众传播媒介和政府白皮书(正式报告)。

8.Tales from Animal Hospital will delight all fans of the programme and anyone who was a lively interest in their pet, whether it be a cat、dog or snake!



9. Newton is shown as a gifted scientist with very human weaknesses who stood at the pointin history where magic ended and science began.



10. But for all the texts that are written, stored and sent electronically, a lot of them are still ending up on paper.


简析:关键词text文本; end up最后成为(处于)。

11.With their shining brown eyes, wagging tails,and unconditional love, dogs can provide the nonjudgmental listeners needed for a beginning reader to gain confidence, according tcIntermountain Therapy Animals (ITA) in saltLake City.


12. The Salt Lake City public library is sold on the idea.

这家盐湖城公共图书馆接受这个观点。简析:关键词sell on (to) 使接受。

13. Discovered by the Portuguese admiral of thesame name in 1506, and settled in 1810, the island belongs to Great Britain and has a population of a few hundred.



14. They had no connection with the outside world for more than a thousand years, giving them plenty of time to build more than 1000 huge stone figures, called moat, for which theisland is most famous.



15. Our parties are aimed for children 2 to 10 and they're very interactive and creative in that they build a sense of drama based on a subject.我们的(生日)聚会针对两到十岁的小孩,它们互动感强,富有创新,因为它们能基于一个主题构建一种戏剧的氛围。

简析:关键词aim for针对; in that在于。

16. The most important idea behind the kind ofparty planning described here is that it bringsparents and children closer together.



17.He had realized that the words: "one of six to eight" under the first picture in the book connected the hare in some way to Katherine of Aragon, the first of Henry VII's six wives.



18.Until one day he came across two stonecrosses in Ampthill park and learnt that they hadbeen built in her honor in 1773.


简析:关键词e across碰巧遇见,in one'shonor纪念某人。

19. It is Sue Townsend's musical play, based onher best-selling book.


简析:关键词best-selling 畅销的。

20. Gold is one of a growing number of shoppers buying into the organic trend, and supermarkets across Britain are counting on more like him asthey grow their organic food business.

戈德是对有机食品感兴趣众多购买者当中的一位,遍及英国的超市依赖更多像他那样的购买者,因为他们要增加有机食品生意。简析:关键词count on依赖。

21. Supporters of underground development say that building down rather than building up is a good way to use the earth's space.

地下发展的支持者说在地下搞建筑而不是在地上搞建筑是一种利用地球空间的办法。简析:关键词rather than而不是。

22. Those who could were likely to name awoman.


简析:省略句who could (name a best friend)承前省。

23. In general, women's friendships with each other rest on shared emotions and support, but men's relationships are marked by shared activities.

一般来说,女人相互的友谊基于相互分享情感和支持,但男人间的关系以共同参与社会活动为特征。简析:关键词rest on依靠。

24.For the most part, interactions between menare emotionally controlled -a good fit with the social requirements of"manly behavior".


简析:关键词for the most part就大部分而言。

25.Where as a woman's closest female friend might be the first to tell her to leave a failing marriage, it wasn't unusual to hear a man say he didn't know his friend's marriage was in serious trouble until he appeared one night asking if he could sleep on the sofa.



26. Before 1066, in the land we now call Great Britain lived peoples belonging to two major language groups.



27. If this state of affairs had lasted, English today would be close to German.



28. We even have different word for some foods,meat in particular, depending on whether it is still out in the fields or at home ready to be cooked, which Shows the fact that the Saxon peasants were doing the farming. while the upper-class Normans were doing most of the eating.



29. When Americans visit Europe for the first time, they usually find Germany more "Foreign"than France because the German they see on signs and ads seems much more different from English than French does.



30. Some panies have made them anufacturing of clean and safe products their main selling point and emphasize it in their advertising.


简析: make后接双宾语。

31. After their stay, all visitors receive a survival certificate recording their success, that is, when guests leave the igloo hotel they will receive apaper stating that they have had a taste of adventure.



32. The major market force rests in the growing population of white-collar employees, who can afford the new service, in other words,Shanghai's car rental industry is growing so fast mainly due to the increasing number of white-collar employees.

主要的市场因素取决于白领工人的人数增加,这些人付得起这种新型服务,换句话说,,上 海的汽车出租行业发展如此快,主要因为白领工人人数的增加。

简析:关键词rest in依赖。

33. That you won't be for long means it won't be long before you'll have to recycle your rubbish.



34. These words, l have just made up, have to

stand for thing and ideas that we simply can't

think of.

这些词, 是我编造的,只是代表我们不能想到的事物和观念。

简析:关键词make up编造。

35. Picturing(lmagining) the future will serve theinterests of the present and future generations.



36. Decision thinking is not unlike poker →it often matters not only what you think, but also what others think you think and what you think they think you think.


简析:含较复杂的句型结构not unlike=like not only... but also..不仅...而且...

37. The easy way out isn't always easiest.


简析:关键词the way out解决问题的办法。

38.The hot sun had caused the dough (面团)to double in size and the fermentingyeast (酵母) made the surface shake andsigh as though it were breathing and it looked like some unknown being from outer space.


39. After all, what lively children wouldn't settle for spending only half the day doing ordinary school work, and acting, singing or dancing their way through the other half of the day?



40. Dad, in a hurry to get home before dark so he could go for a run, had forgotten wear his safety belt→a mistake 75% of the US population make every day.


简析:关键词for a run去跑步。

41.The summit was to mark the 25th anniversary (周年) of president Nixon's journey to China,which was the turning point in China-US relations.


42. Many of the problems are of college level

and these pupils can figure them out.

很多问题是大学水平, 这些小学生能够解答出来。简析:关键词be of college level 大学水平,figure out解决,解答。

43. Rising through the roof is the Tower of the

Sun, inside Which stands a 160--foot--tall Tree of Life.



44. The present question is that many people

consider impossible what is really possible if

effort is made.

目前的问题是, 很多人把其实只要付诸努力就能做到的事情看成是做不到的。

简析: consider 后的宾语后置。

45. Iii and suffering as she was after the in human punishment, she yet remained so cheerful and confident, eager to devote the little strength left to her to helping the other rades.

她受过重罚,而且有病, 可她却这样愉快,这样充满了信心, 这样用尽她所剩的力量来帮助其他同志。


46. Freed from TV,forced to find their own

activities, they might take a ride together to

watch the sunset.


47. l went around to the front of the house, sat down on the steps, and, the crying over, l ached,And my father must have hurt, too, a little.


简析: 动作描写,情真意切。

48. It covered the whole distance from broken →hearted misery to bursting happiness→too fast.


49.Still, he could not help thinking that if anything should happen, the nearest person he contact by radio, unless there was a ship nearby,would be on an island 885 miles away.

他禁不住寻思起来,要是果真有什么意外,除非附近有条船,他用无线电能联系上的最近的人远在885英里以外的岛_上。简析: 含虚拟语气。

50. After all, eighty was a special birthday,

another decade lived or endured, just as you

choose to look at it.


简析:关键词endure (stand; bear; put up with)忍受。

51. News reports say peace talks between the two countries have broken down with no agreement reached.


简析:关键词break down失败,reach anagreement达成办议。

52. The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once have they quarreled with each other.



53. After all, Ed's idea of exercise has always been nothing more effort-making than lifting a fork to his mouth.



54. As a result , at the point in our game when I'd have figured on (predicted) the score to be about 9 to 1in my favor,it was instead 7 to 9→and Ed was leading.


简析:关键词figure on预计,估计; in one'sfavor对某人有利。

55.So when Ed arrived for our game not only with the bottom of his shirt gathered inside his trousers but also with a stomach you could hardly notice ,l was so surprised that l was speechless,my cousin must have made an effort to get himself into shape.


简析:含有not only..but also...及so...that...的句型结构,must have P.P表示对过去事实的推测。

56.In a way,I think we both won:l the game,but cousin Ed my respect.



57. It is said in Australia there is more land than the government knows what to do with it.



58. The research is so designed that once begun nothing can be done to change it.


简析:夹杂过去分词短语once begun。

59. The mother didn't know who to blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out.


简析:关键词be to blame受责备。

60.When l was in the army l received an intelligence test that all soldiers took, andagainst an average of 100 , scored 160.

当我在军队服役时,我曾接受过所有战士都参加的智力测试,与平均分100分相比,我得了160分。简析:关键词against 与..相比较。

71. Soon | heard a sound like that of a door burst in , and then a climb of feet.


简析: that替代前而的sound。

72. Father took the still smoking pistol from myhand, and fired another shot, which killed the gorilla.


简析:关键词fire another shot又开了一枪。

73.It happened that father had sent us upstairs because he thought he would be able to lock the door-which was twenty feet away-before the animal reached it.


简析:句型结构It happened that..事情发生是这样的...

74. He certainly looked the part all right, he thought, as he admired himself in the mirror.


简析:关键词all right确实,无疑。

75. He put his head in his hands and tried to

remember his lines, but nothing came to his



简析:迂回表达nothing came to his mind=He

remembered nothing.

76. In fact the more he watched the play, the

more he felt himself part of it.

实际上, 他越是观看这台戏剧, 他越是认为自己已进入角色。

简析:句型结构the more..the more..越...越...

77. Instead she took a short walk in a parknearby and came home, letting herself inthrough the back door.

反而,她在附近公园散步一会儿就回到家, 她经过后门让自己进去的。

简析:分词短语letting herself in作状语。

78. She settled down to wait and see what

would happen.


简析:关键词settle down to do sth静下心来做...

79. Picking up the kettle of boiling water, she

moved quietly towards the door.


80. A sharp cry was heard outside as the wire

fell to the floor and the hand was pulled back,which was followed by the sound of running feet.



81. It wasn't long before the police caught the thief.


简析:句型结构It wasn't long before+从句,很快就...

82. Then, l noticed a tall man by the door, carrying something covered with brown paper.接着,我注意到门旁一个高个子男人,拿着用棕色纸遮盖着的某种东西。简析:含两个分词短语。

83. Turning to my next customer, l was terrified to see a gun stuck out of his coat.


简析:过去分词短语作to see的宾补。

84." Smith!" the manager cried out in a voice like thunder "None of your excuses! Go start work at once!



85. Waiting above the crowded streets, on top of a building 110 stories high, was Philippe Pettit.菲力浦帕底特在110层高的建筑物上,人群拥挤的大街上空等候。


86. Philippe took his first step with great care.

The wire held Now he was sure he could do it.菲力浦非常小心地迈开第一步,钢丝绳承受住了,现在他确信他可以走钢丝了。

简析:关键词hold (vi) 承受。

87.And thousands of terrified badly frightened ) watchers stared with their hearts beating fast.



88. Already she does many things a human being can do.



89. She even enjoys watching television beforegoing to bed.



90. The measure of a man's real character is

what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.


61 We didn't plan our art exhibition like that but it worked out very well


简析:关键词work out结果......

62. The home improvements have taken what

little there is of my spare time.


简析:句型结构little of的用法,

例:We see very little of our children (we do not see them often) now that they are grown up.孩子们已经长大了,所以我们现在很少见到他们。

63. Having suffered such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river.



64. Most believe the foot prints are nothing more than ordinary animal tracks ,which had beenmade larger as they melted and refroze in the snow.


简析:关键词nothing more than only。

65. But if they ever succeed in catching one,they may face a real problem: would they put it in a zoo or give it a room in a hotel?



66. With production up by 60%, the pany has had another excellent year.


67. The WTO cannot live up to its name if it dose not include a country that is home to one fifth of mankind.


简析:关键词live up to one's name名副其实。

68. It is the ability to do the job that matters not where you e from or what you are.



69. How could I ever get him to finish unloading the car without screaming at me and making ascene in front of the other girls, who l would have to spend the rest of the year with?


简析:关键词make a scene大吵大闹,出洋相。

70.Dad's face turned decidedly less red beforehe could bring out a "yes".



91.Thirty years after being introduced to McCauley's words, they still seem to me the best yardstick (准绳), because they give us a way to measure ourselves rather than others.


简析:关键词introduce 引见,

例: Let me introduce you to the pleasures of wine-tasting.让我给你说说品酒的乐趣。

92. Few of us are asked to make great decisions about nations going to war or armies going to battle, but all of us are called upon daily to make a great many personal decisions.



93. Here's a fellow who just walks into a bank

and helps himself to so much money.


简析: help oneself to擅自拿走。

94. Todd thought of the difficulty with which he managed to get the amount of money he needed to start his gas station.


95. Don't pick up strangers and all your folks in gas stations better not do service to a white Ford car.



96. "Fill her up”, the man said sounding like any other driver.


简析:关键词sound like听起来像...

97. It seemed that there was no suitable work for him.


98. But when John and his fellow soldier came in sight some of the people watching couldn't help laughing at the one who couldn't keep pace with the others as they march along.


简析: 句子结构较复杂,关键词keep pace with与...步伐一致。

99. They not only make it difficult to sleep at night, but they are doing damage to our houses and shops of his torical interest.


简析:句型结构not only..but (also) ..不仅...而且...

100. Hary also studying biology said they wanted to make as much noise as possible to force the government officials to realize what every body was having to stand.



简析:句型结构as...as possible尽可能地....

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